Meet the Executive


The Executive Committee and Chairperson are a group of elected and appointed person from around the country responsible for guiding the organization.

United ITF Taekwon-Do Australia is the largest organization in Australia representing the International Taekwon-Do Federation. Made up of quality schools and instructors all around Australia, United ITF is always keen to welcome suitable new members.

 Unlike many other organizations, United ITF Taekwon-Do Australia Inc is not privately owned. Most importantly, the organization is run in a democratic, professional, transparent and accountable manner.

Office Bearers

President: Master Michael Muleta, 8th Degree  (Victoria)

Vice PresidentMaster Neil Cliff, 8th Degree (South Australia)

Secretary / Treasurer:  Justin Chin, 6th Degree  (Victoria)

Technical Director: Master Michael Muleta, 8th Degree (Victoria)

Tournament Director: Justin Chin, 6th Degree  (Victoria)

Senior members include:

  • Master Lee Hermansson, 7th Degree (NSW)
  • Gordon Bettess, 5th Degree (Victoria)
  • Jeremy Chin, 5th Degree (Victoria)
  • Jordan Steele, 5th Degree (ACT)
  • Kylie Higgins, 5th Degree (NSW)
  • Darren Williams, 5th Degree (Victoria)
  • Phill Zdybel, 5th Degree (Victoria)
  • Alex Vouvaris, 5th Degree (Victoria)
  • Geordie McTaggart, 5th Degree (Queensland)
  • Tony Kennedy, 5th Degree (Queensland)
  • Corey Chin, 5th Degree (Victoria)
  • Michael Omay, 5th Degree (NSW)
  • Brendan Gillen, 4th Degree (Victoria)
  • Glen McKinnon, 4th Degree (A.C.T.)
  • Danniel Purcell, 5th Degree (Queensland)
  • Kye Todd, 5th Degree (South Australia)
  • Ashleigh McNae, 5th Degree (Queensland)
  • Kurt Seier, 4th Degree (Victoria)
  • Matthew Turner, 4th Degree (Victoria)

The next term of office expires in 2020, we encourage all instructors to get involved in having a say in how the organization can continue to best service its members.