Miranda Mitchell

miranda mitchell

Miranda Mitchell is presently offering private instruction in ITF Taekwon-Do in Toowoomba. She began in 2007 and has remained a humble 1st degree in Taekwon-Do for a number of years, whilst holding higher ranks in other martial arts.

She most appreciates the tenets (courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control and indomitable spirit) as well as the specific names, directions and supporting texts within Taekwon-Do that aim to give a united approach to the system.

Miranda’s history in martial arts goes back twenty years, which aided the first few years of her Taekwon-Do training. She began under Master Danniel Purcell at the Thoroughbred Taekwon-Do club at Toowoomba Grammar School in 2007, then operated as the Club’s head instructor during 2013 and 2014, with the continued honour of Master Michael Muleta (8th Degree) as a regular seminar host and assessor. Miranda has also participated in the Brisbane seminar by Grandmaster Choi Jung Hwa (9th Degree) in 2009. She has only recently discovered the thrill of Taekwon-Do competition, having competed at the 2014 (Italy) World Championships. She enjoys expanding her experience in Taekwon-Do and continues to be involved at a local, state and national level.

As a result of her long-time love of martial arts, Miranda juggles her training across Taekwon-Do, Zen Do Kai, Muay Thai and, more recently Krav Maga, and compliments these with her newfound love of yoga and Les Mills Bodybalance. It’s a challenge!

With her Bachelor of Arts/Education (Honours), a Certificate IV in Fitness from the Global Fitness Institute, a Certificate II in Security Guarding, and a qualification in yoga teaching, Miranda was equipped with a range of skills to open her own business. KICKSTART Martial Arts and Yoga opened in 2015, in Toowoomba, where she offers fitness, martial arts, self-defence, yoga and private training for children and adults. Miranda hopes to help others move their bodies in ways they love.

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