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Find a Taekwondo class

Find a Taekwondo class

If you’re looking to learn martial arts or wish to find martial arts classes, or more specifically, an ITF Taekwondo class, check out our various locations across Australia and New Zealand.

We also service various schools operating under their own brand name, with curriculum and technical support for their members’ ITF Taekwondo training supplied by Thoroughbred Taekwon-Do or our Chief Instructor, Master Michael Muleta.



St Paul’s Anglican Church, Cnr Church Street and Highfield Road, Canterbury

Wednesday 7.00pm – 8.30pm
Instructors: Justin Chin, Jeremy Chin 5th Degree
Enquiries: 0423 847 895    Contact

Balwyn North

Greythorne Scout Hall – Cnr Frank Street and Robert Street, Balwyn North

Monday 7.00pm – 8.30pm
Instructors: Justin Chin , Jeremy Chin 5th Degree, Corey Chin, 4th Degree
Enquiries: 0423 847 895     Contact



Christian Outreach Martial Arts, 505 Hume Street, Toowoomba

Fridays 3.30pm – 5.30pm
Instructors: Daniel Purcell 4th Degree; Dominic Purcell 2nd Degree, Son Changmin 1st Degree, Daniel Purcell Jr. 1st Degree                                                         Assistant Instructors: Shaun Purcell 3rd Degree, Bartholomew Purcell 3rd Degree, Keanne Dhaniram 2nd Degree, Ciaran Dhaniram 2nd Degree.
Enquiries: Daniel Purcell 0422261428      Contact

Associated school locations – technically serviced by Thoroughbred Taekwon-Do via seminars and gradings and/or implementing Thoroughbred Taekwon-Do’s training syllabus.

Rockhampton, Qld

Tuggeranong, ACT

Amaroo, ACT

Newcastle, NSW

Toowoomba, Qld (x2)

taekwondo class

Wellington, NZ


  1. Fay

    How about fee?

  2. Michael Muleta

    Fee will vary from location to location, hence contact details are provided for you to enquire directly.

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