Amplify Your Workout


Your workout is about to change. From the moment you step out your front door to the last exhausted breath after your final rep, AMPED™ is there to improve your performance and amplify your workout, from beginning to end. This family of products is scientifically crafted to power you up, keep you going, and help you recover so you can stay one step ahead of the competition, even if your only competition is yourself.


AMPED for Martial Artists


No matter what form of training you do, there is an AMPED product to amplify your performance.
Endurance athletes train for marathons, triathlons, bicycle tours, and even an Ironman. Their workouts can last several hours, and they need more carbohydrates to stay fueled during exercise and recovery products to help reduce muscle breakdown.
Build Muscle Mass
Bodybuilders focus on building lean muscle mass and rely on a high-protein diet for both building and recovery. Pre-workout products help kick-start and sustain weight training while post-workout products help muscles recover.

Strength and Endurance

Athletes need strength and agility to perform at a high level and use resistance training to develop their strength. They require high-protein diets and pre-workout supplements to support strength and healthy blood flow during training.
Everyday Active
Everyday active adults are people who want to get in better shape and stay fit.
They need a pre-workout boost before workouts, plenty of hydration during, and post-workout products to help recover after exercise.
amplify your workout
A pre-workout shot to support nitric oxide production to help your muscles train harder and longer.
AMPED Power:
A pre-workout supplement to prepare your body for better strength and power before workouts.
A conveniently packaged, mid-workout gel to sustain energy and fuel your body when it needs it most.
AMPED Hydrate:
A refreshing sports drink enriched with vitamin C, B-complex, and electrolytes that is perfect for any time, any day.
AMPED Recover:
A post-workout supplement with branched-chain amino acids to help your muscles rebuild after exercise.

Isagenix for Athletes


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The Amped Pre-Post workout Stack


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