Event Information

Arnold Taekwondo Event

All competitors, coaches and Umpires are required to read through all the information below, in regards their participation in the upcoming Arnold Sports Festival Taekwondo Championships event.

Hopefully this will answer all of your questions. Anything not clear to you please use the contact us form and we will direct you to the appropriate information.



Competition Venue

Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre
1 Convention Centre Pl, South Wharf VIC 3006

Seminar Access (Friday)

People who are registered for Seminar, a representative will be on concourse/foyer 30 minutes prior to the commencement of each seminar to allocate passes. This pass is to remain from entire weekend if you are returning for championships.

Inscription and Weigh In – Tournament Registration

To allow access to the expo prior to competing, Registration and weigh in will be held outside door 5 on:

  • Saturday 17th March
  • 8.00am – 9.00am (Saturday or Sunday Competitors)
  • Sunday 18th March
  • 8.00am – 9.00am (Poomsae Only – no weigh in)

Please note : If you are not pre-registered as a coach, you will not receive an expo pass.

The registration for Taekwondo will take place inside the foyer area / concourse of the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Center (look for sign outside door 5)

This will be the ONLY opportunity to grab your entry wristband/pass.

Those who do not report to the registration desk (or collect prior to this time) will only be able to enter the venue via the general public door, with a valid expo spectator ticket.

Dress Code

  • All competitors MUST compete in a Taekwondo uniform / dobok (not shorts, tshirts, tracksuits etc)
  • All coaches must be in a tracksuit
  • All officials must be in dark navy/black long pants/skirt, white shirt and navy tie

Protective equipment

All persons competing in sparring must bring their own protective equipment.

  • WTF style – Competitors must wear their own Chest, Groin, Shin, Arm, Mouth and Head guards. Instep protectors and Gloves are now also required
  • ITF style – gloves, boots, mouthguard, groinguard (compulsory), head guard, arm guard, shin guard (optional)

The Competition Draw

There will be no variation to the draw on the day of the Tournament.
In order to make sure all competitors do get at least one bout on
the day, we reserve the right to amalgamate weight divisions/rank categories/genders at the discretion of the organizers.

A draw and schedule will be posted on the wall in the warm up room, and will also be posted online via the official event page

Reporting to competition area

It is the competitor and coach responsibility to arrive at the ring in time for their event.

Competition Rules

  • WTF Sparring Competition Rules
    3 points for head kick (11 to 14 y.o. Black Belts only; over 14 all ranks)
  • 2 points for turning body kick


  • 6-7, 8-9, 10-11 & 12-14 years old (Sunday)
  • (15 -17), (18-35), (35+) Saturday 

Protectors: Competitors must wear their own Chest, Groin, Shin, Arm, Mouth and Head guards. Instep protectors and Gloves are now also required
Daedo ELECTRONIC Shields: BLACK BELT CADET ATHLETES ONLY . ALL other colour belts, and younger black belts will be run on traditional non electronic guards.

Medal presentations

At the completion of each category, medals will be presented at the official martial arts medal presentation dais

All medal recipients must be in full uniform (not street clothes)


Each club is expected to provide at least one referee from each Club/Branch

Umpires collect accreditation from 8.00am on morning of competition from competitor registration area on concourse

Only those registered and appropriately attired will receive accreditation passes.


All participants in the tournament take part at their own risk. The organizer can,
under no circumstances, be held responsible for any damages, injuries or loss to
individuals or equipment.

Please note : There are NO REFUNDS for withdrawal prior to, or on the day of the event; non-attendance ; failure to report to ring on time resulting in missing bout; dissatisfaction with match result or refusal of visa (overseas participants).