Gradings are an important aspect of any martial arts training as they should indicate and measure the student’s proficiency in that art, and allow further learning to take place and also are the tool used to determine taekwondo belt advancement.

Gradings are literally a testing process assessing one’s technical ability, knowledge, indomitable spirit and physical conditioning. The complexity of tasks increases in accordance with rank advancement.

The different coloured belts indicate the student’s current level of achievement, and also indicate the student’s seniority within that class.

Next Gradings:

Sunday 11th August – Melton Black Belt Grading

A Black Belt grading will be conducted at Thoroughbred Taekwon-Do Melton by Master Michael Muleta, 8th Degree.

The I.T.F. rank system is as follows:

  • 10th gup White belt / beginner
  • 9th gup Yellow tip
  • 8th gup Yellow belt
  • 7th gup Green tip
  • 6th gup Green belt
  • 5th gup Blue tip
  • 4th gup Blue belt
  • 3rd gup Red tip
  • 2nd gup Red belt
  • 1st gup Black tip
  • 1st Degree – 3rd Degree Boo Sabum (Assistant instructor)
  • 4th Degree – 6th Degree Sabum (Instructor)
  • 7th Degree – 8th Degree SaHyun (Master)
  • 9th Degree SaSung (Grandmaster)
  • Founder General Choi Hong Hi (dec)

The Grading syllabus outlines all areas that need to be fulfilled in order to test for rank promotion: these requirements include Patterns, Fundamental movements (Blocking, Kicking, Striking, Stances), Sparring, Breaking Techniques, Terminology and Theory, Self Defense and any additional requirements.

Also note that active training time and attendance requirements are also set out, and need to be adhered to.

The grading syllabus is designed specifically for all Thoroughbred Taekwon-Do schools, encompassing a wide range of self-defence oriented movements and theories, whilst also conforming to the International Taekwon-Do Federation’s requirements.

It is the responsibility of the student to achieve a high level of competence in all areas of grading requirements to the best of their ability. Students are tested on overall performance in each area, to assess their worthiness of rank promotion.

All Black belts are expected to have developed proficiency and thorough understanding of all colour belt grading requirements, as well as
their own requirements.

With regards to grading, the following results are possible:

Distinction Pass (Double rank promotion)
These promotions are rare, and granted very sparingly. A double promotion is generally only given during the lower ranks, when a student has shown well above average mastery of techniques as well as excelling in attitude, application and attendance. At Thoroughbred Taekwon-Do we encourage excellence and hard work rather than hold back those who excel in determination and dedication.

A double promotion is more common in the case of a student who has previous martial arts background, particularly in Taekwon-do, on the condition that their ability matches the rank they have previously obtained, in the opinion of the Chief Instructor. A student cannot apply for double promotion.

Pass (Single rank promotion)
When a student has performed to a satisfactory level in all grading requirements, a pass is granted. At this point, a student can commence preparing for their next level.

Pass Incomplete (Probation)
A student who has performed satisfactorily in most areas of grading requirements, but has obvious deficiencies in a certain area, will be granted a pass incomplete. They will be required to perform that aspect again at their next grading, or a date soon after the original grading to confirm the promotion. If no improvement is shown, no promotion is given.

Pass Incomplete (Re-test required)
When a student has deficiencies in several areas, they will be asked to re-test for the same rank at the next grading. Re-tests are also recommended when a student demonstrates inappropriate etiquette during a grading .

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