2018 ITF World Championships

World Championships

The next ITF World Championships will be held in Buenos Aires, Argentina commencing on July 31st, 2018.

Australian Selection trials were held in Adelaide on Saturday 14th October, 2017 for all current ITF members from 2nd Gup and above.

See the Full National Team here.

As per ITF Rules, the INO is charged with co-ordination and management of the national team, from selection trials to team registration, including apparel. From a coaching point of view, we naturally invite coaches from all representative parties.

Further opportunities may exist for 2018 United ITF Taekwon-Do Australia (INO#23) members to be added to the team, subject to executive committee approval.

Affiliations to the INO for 2018 are now open for new and renewing schools.

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Past Results

2016 ITF World Championships

ITF World Championships

Well a huge week of International competition has come to an end at the ITF World Championships with an amazing performance from the Aussie Team.

Over 1000 competitors across both events, and almost 50 countries, the standard atmosphere and organization was great.

Results are now online:

Individual Results

Team Results


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Video Highlights

Day 1 Highlights

Day 2 Highlights

Message from the National President

I would like to take the opportunity to formally acknowledge and congratulate the efforts of all people involved in the success of the Australian Team at the 2016 ITF World Championships this past week.

From the coaches, assistants, supporters and of course to the mighty competitors themselves, both the young and those still in their prime, I can tell you nobody is prouder of the way your performed, and more importantly conducted yourselves, than myself.

Officially with over 80 World Championship medals, it doubled the previous best ever performance by Aussies at an ITF World championships.

Not only did it put beyond doubt our standing as Australia’s premiere ITF Organization, but also makes us a serious player on the World stage.

This performance and continued rise in Australia’s standing is not just the result of the work done this week, or the past few months……but over the past few years and over a decade since the formation of United ITF Australia.

The many seminars taught by our leaders to raise the technical competence of our instructors so that it could filter down to the students, the results take time to show……but now we are seeing consistency and an upward curve with every campaign.
The many quality events that we run, and try to attract the best quality competition in order for our own members to develop.
The many battles that have been fought at an organizational level to protect our organization from those who try to dismantle it, often from the inside or above …..it plays an important part in solidifying us.

As cliche’d as it sounds, there is strength in Unity, hence I chose the name when I formed United ITF back in the late 1990’s. It is as true today as it was then.
Be together, work together, perform together……..and now celebrate our success together.

Remember there was only one team representing Australia this week – United ITF Australia. Love your club – defend your country.

Australia is no longer coming……….Australia is here !!!

For those who didn’t medal, understand that you are just as much an important part of this success, and I encourage you to share it with as much pride and enthusiasm as those who will be returning with a medal.

Thank you to the families of our juniors who sacrificed not only the time and effort, but also significant financial cost to make it possible for your child to be a part of this. The experience will stay with them for ever and I hope you saw great return on your investment.

Michael Muleta
United ITF Taekwon-Do Australia