National Team Selection Trials

National selection trials

Following on from our very successful ITF World Championships campaign in Brighton, England, United ITF Taekwon-Do Australia is once again assembling a National team for the next ITF World Championships.

As published at the start of the year, the National Team Selection Trials for the 2018 ITF World Championships in Argentina, will be held in Adelaide on Saturday 14th October 2017, prior to the National Championships.

The Selection trials is open to all INO#23 (United ITF Taekwon-Do Australia Inc) 2017 members, 2nd gup and above.

For the first time, and as is our prerogative, we will be extending the invitation to selection trials to all current financial members of the ITF, who are part of a registered INO or MO.

Whilst the INO is under no obligation to include non-INO members, we will be trialing this format for these Championships only initially, and subject to review, in the interests of sending a stronger and larger Australian representation to Argentina.

As per ITF Rules, the INO is charged with co-ordination and management of the national team, from selection trials to team registration, including apparel. From a coaching point of view, we naturally invite coaches from all representative parties.

Participation in these trials is COMPULSORY for inclusion in the team for the 2018 ITF World Championships in Argentina.

We anticipate full cooperation from all interested parties to make the process seamless, and will communicate regularly will all selected persons with event updates.

Note however, as it is a selection process, mere attendance does not guarantee a place in the final team.

Parent organization must be affiliated for 2017 and remain so in 2018 to be eligible to attend both the selection trials and the subsequent World Championships.

Applications from non-current or non-affiliated ITF members will be rejected.

Note that these trials are a separate event from the United ITF Australia Championships being held the following day, which remains an exclusive INO members-only event.

Due to sponsorship arrangements already in place for INO members, separate forms will be used.

Please use the following links to register :

Competitor Applications

Competitor Application (United ITF Australia Members – INO#23)

Competitor Application (Non INO members)

Coach / Manager Applications

Coach / Manager Application (United ITF Members – INO#23)

Coach / Manager Application (Non INO members)

Umpire Applications

Umpire Application (all members)

Note: deadline for all applications is Midnight October 1st, 2017